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The restaurant of Monte Pira offers traditional Sardinian dishes prepared with home-grown ingredients.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 250 people and is ideal for banquets and receptions. During the summer season lunch and dinner are usually served outdoors. The restaurant combines the ability to accommodate many people with the quality of home-grown ingredients and home cooking.

Our goal is to make guests always feel a familiar and friendly atmosphere where to taste and enjoy the typical dishes of the Sardinian cuisine in a real farm.

Visiting the farm is therefore the best way to realize the ideal conditions in which we raise our animals and cultivate our lands.

Our products:

  • pecorino and caciocavallo cheese;
  • salami and meat (pork, sheep lamb, beef and veal);
  • fruit and vegetable;
  • red wine and the local Malvasia

Regional dishes:

  • pasta and ravioli;
  • Sardinian dumplings;
  • porceddu (Sardinian pork);
  • regional sweets.

Azienda Agrituristica Soc. Monte Pira
dei F.lli Marras S.S.
P.IVA 01043120953
Località Monte Pira
09079 Tresnuraghes (OR)
Sardegna, Italia

Info and Reservations:
(+39) 320.67.25.658

Tel. (+39) 0785 359275

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